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Monday, April 9, 2012

Anti-ants Tray - S$14.50 for set of 3

ANTI-ANTS TRAY - 3 for $14.50

1. This tray is uniquely design to keep ants away from your food.
2. Theory:-
Many ants have difficulties walking upside down and have a hard time moving up a smooth surface upside down.
The unique design of this tray lies at the 4 legs, as the ants have to go through 3 similar swivels before they are able to reach the tray.
They disorientate when they move up on different verticals repeatedly and this weakened their navigation.
And due to the increased depth of the swivels, the ants will have lost the smell of the food during the process.
All these will cause the ants to give up sourcing for the food and retreat to their original route.
3. This useful tray can be used to place anything you can think off.
4. Attached are some of the examples at my home and my customers' home.
5. It Really Works!!

NB: Price include normal postage. Colors will be randomly allocated.


Anonymous said...

Does not work !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, is this still available?